A very abstract question about hand synchronization

This is weird, but I thought that I’d ask: Does anybody here try to link their hands “individually” to a click track, where they will be guaranteed to be synchronized on particular clicks?

If your question is “do you sync both your hands to metronome/click/internal sense of pulse rather than to each other” then I reckon the answer is “ideally, yes”.

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I can only really focus on one hand at a time, so most of the time, I try to focus on the fretting hand for syncing to beats/clicks, and hope my picking hand syncs to my fretting through years of muscle memory.

But I know other’s can focus on both hands for syncing to a beat.

Interesting Question!

Never thought about this before - but for me - my picking hand is what I focus on syncing to a beat. My fretting hand always automatically syncs to whatever my picking hand is doing.

The reason I wonder: I am used to picking every note by default, so if you said, “skip every second pick stroke and HO/PO,” I’m sure that pandemonium would ensue! Or what if I was to play with high gain and not pick at all?