A Walk In the Park


Brandon suggested I should tell a bit about the songs I post. So here is the back story:

Several years ago, I began working on Pag 5th Caprice in G Major-E minor. I have pretty much played it every day for well over three years. (And I still think I can improve on it). Anyway, over time I began to a string an intro of licks inspired by some of my favorite guitarists, like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, and others. And I also began to string along some for an outro…Over time it grew to a piece that went on for well over twenty minutes… So I have broken it into 5, maybe 6 parts in an opus. And because of the youtube uploads, I am working on them and loading them to youtube “ass backwords” so that the listener can listen to them in sequence on youtube.

A Walk In The Park.
I was thinking Eric Johnson. I was also thinking Steve Vai and layering I played it with My Bugera in distortion, and my Princeton Chorus with lots of chorus going for the first part. The last part, was just the Princeton. It was was the last song of the opus.


Good stuff.
That guitar looks like art as well.
I want it. Lol

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Thanks for your kind words Charface.

The guitar was a gift from a dear friend who knew she had a few years to live, and she wanted me to have it with her inscription on the back plate . It is a1996 Ibanez JEM (Ebony Fretboard not Rosewood). It was ordered at Guitar Center in Houston and they did not carry it in stock at the time; so it had to be made in Japan and then shipped. I love it. It is my favorite guitar. I have had to have the frets crowned a couple of times. My luthier tells me I will need new frets in a few years.

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