About to start seminars

Hey all. I’m just about to pull the trigger on the paid membership, and I’m wondering if there is a suggested process to going through the material. For example, I plan on flipping through the Primer first, then going on to the Yngwie/Volcano seminar. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the entire Cracking the Code series of vids, back a couple years ago when it was offered for free, one at a time, or something like that. Is there a recommended method for doing the seminars? How often should I do a new chapter? Is it the kind of thing you can binge watch then start doing exercises? How long should one spend on a seminar before moving on to the next? Are we talking weeks? Months? a year or more? Is it wise to do several seminars at once? Like, a chapter of Volcano, chapter of Cascade, chapter of Anti-grav, back to Volcano, two from Cascade, yadda yadda yadda . . . ?
Sorry for babbling, I’m just so excited to get started!

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There aren’t any fixed rules about this, especially when it comes to seminars / interviews (where you can pick & mix the things you like most).

Starting from the primer is a good idea though! You can always go back to it when you are stuck.

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All the seminars are great, and I think you’ll get the most out of them based on what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Cascade is going to be the best way to master pentatonic patterns. Eric Johnson is the obvious model here, but this stuff is relevant in most rock/blues type playing. It’s probably the most versatile and the best place to start as far as return on investment with your practice time IMO.

Volcano is all about Yngwie. If harmonic minor scales and diminished arpeggios are your thing, this will unlock all of that for you. I think it’s a little more niche, it’s probably not always appropriate to shred Phrygian Dominant runs in every jam session.

Anti-Gravity has the most challenging mechanics, IMO. The 2-way pick slanting thing takes a lot of practice to get right. If you want perfect alternate picking, this is the way to master that.

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Hey thanks for the detailed breakdown, Lucky. Or is it Mojo? lol
I do happen to be an Yngwie guy, who never jammed with another Yngwie guy. Thus, pentatonics are what I’d likely jam with buddies. In the bedroom, it’s a mix of YJM and SRV blues, haha. I’m thinking equal parts Volcano and Cascade to start, then see which takes my fancy. Of course, the Primer is first.
I’ll do a video soon so maybe I can get some feedback as to why I can fly at certain exercises and just hit roadblocks with others.
Cheers all!