Adam Neely reviews the movie Whiplash

While many of us aren’t so jazzy, the idea of picking apart what a piece of popular culture does or doesn’t get right about a musical subculture seems like it’s something many of us will relate to:


I loved Whiplash but didn’t think it was trying to be a realistic portrayal of music, or say anything about the practice or discipline needed to become great. I hope not anyway. It seemed like a character study where two psychos found their perfect match in each other.

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Great movie. Speaking as a jazz-studies graduate, yeah they got some details about “jazz” wrong but at the end of the day when you’re making a film or novel I think crafting a compelling narrative takes priority.

I was just watching this the other day but had to stop for spoilers. I think it’s a fun video, and I definitely don’t think Adam was trying to pick it apart based on a “They don’t even know what it’s like at music school!” basis. It seems like he was just trying to see what details they got right for interest’s sake. I’ve yet to see the full movie.

I’m disappointed. With a title like that I was expecting a movie about thrash metal.

Adam’s video was really interesting.Especially his point that given it’s damn near the only video representing being a jazz student in NY, it’s a shame they missed out on the finer details. It’s a great film narratively, but could have been great in every respect had that been addressed more.