Alcatrazz Reunites with Joe Stump


Graham Bonnet was interviewed at NAAM and apparently he’s putting Alcatrazz back together with Joe Stump on guitars. I figured people around here would be stoked.

Graham Bonnet- vocals
Jimmy Waldo- Keyboards
Joe Stump- Guitar
Beth Ami Heavenstone- Bass
Mark Benquechea- Drums


Wow who better to play all those Yngwie riffs and solos other than the shred lord himself! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


This is awesome! !! Joe is top notch, really looking forward to this…
Sadly , Bonnet may not be able to handle it. I haven’t heard him in a while so who knows?


He’s still got it surprisingly. I would have thought that singing style would have killed his voice years ago.


Cool! Obviously Joe is the perfect choice for this.


He doesn’t say whos on guitar in this video???


It was announced afterwards by Graham’s manager.


Joe could play Yngwie and Impellitterri no sweat.