Allan Holdsworth - Hartley Thompson Amp

Good morning everyone, I am a new member to the forum.
I have been searching for a while to connect with fans of the late Allan Holdsworth, but have been unsure quite who to contact, on searching under “Allan Holdsworth” I note with interest that “Cracking the Code” has had related topics about this quite unique guitarist.

Please excuse me if this forum is not the right place to say this, but I’m looking to sell a make of Amplifier that Allan Holdsworth used, and thought as this site is quite specific in it’s Guitarists and gear etc this might be of interest to someone in the Cracking the Code membership.

The amp is a ‘Hartley Thompson’ (It’s well documented of Allan’s approval of these amps) I would really like this amp to go to a true fan, these amps are very rare and don’t come up for sale too often so I thought it made sense to contact a site like yours rather than put it on say ebay or the likes.

The amp is totally original, I’m the second owner, in good condition and fully functional, I’m in touch with the original owner who often saw Allan in the shop in Sheffield where the amp was being made at the same time as Allan’s amp.

If this is of interest then I can supply more specifics and photos of the amp, if not then I hope there has been nothing lost etc.

Kind Regards



I might be interested. Please send me a PM with pictures and an asking price.

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Hello Tom,
Really sorry for the delay in getting back to you but work commitments have restricted me in getting you the photos you requested, in the meantime here’s a bit of background information.
The amp was designed and built in Sheffield UK by Pete Hartley and Pete Thompson.
Pete Hartley an electronics genius (and a great character at total one off etc) sadly passed away only a few years ago, Pete Thompson is a Senior Design Engineer at Celestion speakers UK.
Pete Hartley designed and adapted the drum kit for Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen after he sadly lost an arm in a car accident.
It’s well documented that Allan Holdsworth spoke very highly of Hartley Thompson amps, my amp was being built at the same time as Allan’s as he often frequented the workshop to check on progress at the same time as the previous owner of my amp (I’m still in contact with him).
Evidently EVH borrowed a hot-rodded Hartley Thompson amp from Allan to record the Michael Jackson solo " Beat it"
The amp was designed specifically to be run as a 2 piece unit which consists of a combo and cab.
The model is HT45 (combo) and HT45S (cab) I think the ‘S’ designates “Stereo” as there is a stereo control on the cab, I can’t emphasise enough the 2 units must be run together to realise the full potential of this rig.
The 2 units both have a Celestion G12-65 speaker.
Photos to follow.
Kind Regards

I’m not at all interested, but for purely historical and general interest reasons I’d love to see a few pictures of it.


It probably doesn’t need to be said; however, I would suggest being very careful of purchasing items from random strangers on the Internet, and of course individuals attempting to market something outside of ebay/paypal.

Good morning

Is the Hartley Thompson amp still for sale ?


On Facebook there is a Allan fansite : The Unreal Allan Holdsworth.
It has 16.000 members.