Am I holding the pick wrong?

I recently changed my pick angle a bit by flattening my thumb, which i used to flex a bit. It feels much better this way, but I’ve noticed (as seen in the pic) that the point of my pick is angled to the right. Is this something I should amend?

I also play like that because it feels more natural for me.

It doesn`t represent a problem at all.


I think I also have a similar “lean” angle.

Does it give the attack / sound you like? is it stable between your fingers, and does it feel easy to do both upstrokes and downstrokes? if so, there’s no reason to change anything :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks! I’ve noticed when I’m playing that sometimes the pick point slips even more to the right making the angle more extreme and then contact with the strings becomes a bit of an issue. I find there’s a sweet spot somewhere between those two points where I get that really “scratchy” feel Paul Gilbert talks about that gives me what feels like even more control.

I’m really happy to be making progress on my picking. Over 25 years of playing it’s always been my weakest aspect. I’ve been playing 4 hours a day this past month with a metronome working almost exclusively on picking and it’s finally paying off. This site and forum is hugely responsible!