Amp Tone Changes With Technique Changes?

I was wondering how many people that have made changes to their playing technique have made changes to their actual amp/effects/pedals/eqs/etc. due to the changes in better technique?


If you’re not careful, your technique might get so good that you ditch all the gear and just play acoustic.

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From my experience it’s vice versa. You change your technique to change the sound. That’s why I like to downstroke everything ) Though when playing fast you don’t have much choice I guess

When I’m playing well, the amp tone sounds better (tube amp).

I believe John(?) Suhr who said it best (along these lines):
“Most tonal issues are solved with practice”.

Some amp tones are hard to play through in that they do not ‘cover up’ mistakes - these often sound best if your technique is up too it!


I always wanted to sound more aggressive. I couldn’t make it happen no matter how hard I hit the strings. That changed since I got more fluent with my downward pickslanting (sorry I haven’t learned the new lingo yet).

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Definitely worth experimenting with dynamics, because sometimes in the pursuit of one thing, you get a bit snowblind. I remember a similar experience (“back in the day”) when I was trying to sound more aggressive and it wasn’t happening. It wasn’t until I started playing softly, I realised that I could play plenty aggressively, but I was doing it all the time that I got used too it. Kind of like if you listen to Yngwie long enough - it doesn’t sound fast anymore!

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I’ve definitely used less gain as my technique has become more even and more controlled.


I totally agree with the above gain comment. Most of my practicing has been done without an amp on an electric in front of the TV, lots of it. And I’m “really” liking the tones I’m getting of the physical pick/string. Huge difference in my playing now with DWPS. It’s making me want to back off the gain quite a bit.

CTC and especially the forum exposed me to so many players (both professional and hobbyists) that I would never have been exposed to.

This really opened up my eyes to the vast variety in tones and playing technique. When I hear a guitar sound these days I can pinpoint what I like about it and what I don’t.

I also learned what kind of gear people use to get certain tones, which has been very helpful.

CTC also taught me a lot in terms of picks, that have a pretty big impact on sound and technique. Thanks to CTC I found my “ideal” all-round pick and also a few “specialty” picks for certain kind of playing.

So for sure CTC changed the way I play for the positive and made me much more aware what is coming through my amp.

The settings didn’t change much, but the quality of the playing and the sound absolutely did.