An excited noob to the forum!

Hi all,

I’m almost 50 and have been a guitarist since I’m 12. So many times in my life I get on a tear trying to really become a better player …it lasts a month or so and then it sizzles out.

I’m really good at covering music/solos and played in a cover band for 10 years. People would hear me and think I’m a great guitarist but they don’t know I’m just faking it. On my own I just noodle the same pentatonic scale runs I’ve been playing since I’m a teenager LOL

But what I’m REEEEALLY really hoping for is that this forum will help me actually become a good guitarist who can improv and really shred up and down the neck.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys!


Welcome aboard! your story is similar to many of us here

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Haha good to know!

I’m currently a free member but as soon as I get my head around where to start (it seems a little overwhelming at the moment), I’m going to become a paid member.

I’ve been watching the Cracking the Code series on YouTube and I was like “I lived this!” Right up until Troy used the synth to capture snippets of the solos. I never thought to do that LOL

And I never bought any of the instructional videos back in the day. I really wish I had and would have dedicated myself way back then.

…water under the bridge. I’m here now and going to try and stay dedicated this time!

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dont worry, when you pay you’ll be 10x MORE overwhelmed!

TBH, even if you had bought the VHS instructionals back in the day, it may or may not have helped a ton. I had most of them lol. yeah they helped SOME.

Like the super (in)famous Paul Gilbert “Intense Rock” vid. I got it when it came out. i was all excited like I was gonna conquer the world! omg, he is showing all of the cool 3note per string scales! This is it!

yeah right. Then he showed the famous “Paul Gilbert lick” and after a few weeks my excitement was gone and it was replaced by more of a “you’re simply not good enough to do that” feeling.

this lick:

b—12–13–15------15–13 repeat.

haha, this lick is discussed daily here

Paul himself has said that it was sort of a mistake to trot that lick out first on a vid.

anyway, fast forward to late 2014 and I saw in Troys vids exactly WHY I couldnt do the Paul Gilbert lick lol. Willpower wont overcome bad mechanics

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Welcome! Definitely take a look around, both here on the forum and the rest of the site, all kinds of stuff here you may find helpful, not only our paid lessons/interviews but tons of good conversations on the forum totally free as well :slight_smile: If you have questions / anything we may be able to point you to, let us know!

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