Andre Nieri's incredible technique

Continuing the discussion from “Another Day” solo:

I was browsing through Youtube and Andre Nieri’s cover of the Another Day solo came up as a recommendation. I rewatched it and remembered I saw it here first so I figured it would be cool to chat about him.

His version of Another Day solo was one of the best covers I have ever seen. The way he finger picks the arpeggios (which you could swear were sweep picked) and his tone, which isnt as gained up as Petrucci’s on the original, is very expressive. The sax solo is a nice touch too.

I think it’s the best solo cover I’ve ever seen on YouTube. He took it to another level, with respect on the original and incredible taste at the same time.

My opinion is that it’s more important to find your sound/touch than trying to play something note for note, this case is a very good example of this.

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Yes it’s remarkable and I agree. 100% with what you’re saying.

I like how he’s used different techniques to enable him to play parts that he maybe couldn’t play up to speed if he were to use alternate.

This was the first tune I heard of Andre’s and the way he mixed classical and electric really caught my ear. Great solo too.