Andy Wood's Woodshed

If you don’t already subscribe to his channel on YouTube, go give Andy a view. He’s a real treasure, a sweet dude, and a great teacher.


Good call! Dropping the link here for convenience :smiley:

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Anyone already saw his last episode? The one about Crosspicking?

Is really nice that he tries his best to teach us, mentions the CtC and in the end compares it to riding a bike. I found the lesson interesting and the overall message really encouraging.

Probably gonna give it another try, starting “slow” to memorize and then start to “jog” like he said (and like Troy told us in different occasions).

I recomend too the episode on the faux slide thing, it’s amazing.

BTW we have any “update” coming up about the “how to do” Double Scape mechanics? I was working on something like the Albert Lee approach for a while before tossing it aside.


That dude’s so entertaining. I’ve seen the first 5 woodsheds I think. Can’t wait to check out the crosspicking one. His “fake” slide playing is bonkers. So good.


I’m going :slight_smile: