Angel Vivaldi's new single, "Eight"

How cool is this?! Dude’s last album, Away with Words, was (IMO) one of the best instrumental releases of the current up and coming generation of shred players, but was squarely in the instrumental metal style.

So, he followed up with the lead single from his new album being Latin fusion, and (IMO) pretty damned good Latin fusion, too. Unbelievable. :laughing: I hear there’s some Michael Hedges style touchstyle acoustic on here too, and that Angel’s really trying to diversify stylistically and get in touch with some of his other influences, and based on this track, I’m here for it.


Wow. Great tone and phrasing.


You know what else is pretty cool, it sounds so free (improvised) but all the play through shots are convincing regarding sync, so it must be pretty worked out to some extent.

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Yeah - I don’t know if his writing process is improvising and then working it out after or sitting down and writing and then performing it (I’m fortunate enough to know Angel personally, I’ll try to ask him next time we talk), but I think his phrasing has really become something special in the last several albums. This is no exception, just in a totally different genre than he’s mostly worked in previously.