Another Erotomania attempt

Found this older video on my computer. Me trying the Erotomania solo. I´m at the point that some times it works and some times it falles apart.
This try kind of worked.


nailed it. awesome work. this post must be at least 20 characters long so i’ll say it again, nailed it, awesome work

Great job! Way better than I’ll ever be able to do for sure!

I know Tommo had a big thread about his ultimate triumph over this white whale

Have you seen that thread? You’re obviously awesome at it, just suggesting some possibly alternate perspective since you mentioned consistency was an issue for you sometimes. Still, if it were me and I filmed a take as good as yours, I’d die a relatively happy man :slight_smile: Bravo!

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Sounds good to me! If I had to be critical, a few of the “patterns” seemed a little ahead of the beat, but I always hear that for some reason.

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I know. When I play at these speeds I tend to rush the phrases.


@Spooky_tom what were you monitoring when you recorded this, or what’s your usual monitoring setup?

If I’m recording to an actual song, I’ll have the song louder in my headphones / earbuds than my guitar signal. Even better, I’ll have the guitar amp in the room, but still playing with headphones / earbuds on. I find it easier to feel the beat of the song, and not get “tunnel vision” on your playing, since you’re somewhat forced to go by feel.

This is really really good - it sounds really clean!

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