Can anyone review it.?
It’s by a gentleman named : Tom Howard.

Sorry if this was already posted but I have not seen it.

I was looking to purchase his Eddie and Yngwie Pack.

I know his free tutorials are INSANELY accurate and great.

for those not in the know, here is the link:
Thanks in advance.

It looks nice! I wonder if the Chris Brooks material plus Troy material is all that is needed to master Yngwies techniques though? I actually don’t have any of them so idk. In my case being a DSX player, in order to achieve Yngwie’s techniques I would need to develop USX motion to be able to do all the descending economy picking and upstroke escapes needed for example for the Volcano lick or the stuff shown in here:

So for my case in particular, without having the proper motions under my belt, I think any kind of material involving playing like Yngwie, I think it won’t be too helpful. But with the proper motions, I’ll be honest, I would get everything that I can, thats just how I am lol.

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I’ve bought his Yngwie pack, and I can say it’s the best and most detailed-explained about Yngwie’s technique and style.

I highly recommend it without a doubt. He explains very clearly with demonstration of every single aspect of his lessons and tells you exactly how to practice each.

He also covers almost everything! I can say that he’s the reason I’m able to totally understand Yngwie’s technique and attempt to play like him atleast.

So bottom line, go for the Yngwie Pack :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll purchase this . That’s what I was looking for.

Does everything line up with what Troy and Chris say, e.g., USX, etc.? Or are there any differences?

Cool video, great playing - the guy sounds awesome. If it works for you, that’s great! I wonder though, if he hasn’t maybe had some direct/indirect CTC influence? :grinning:Doesn’t matter - looks like a comprehensive look at the playing style, and good info is good info.

Troy/CTC have covered the Yngwie picking style in depth, like really went to town on it in regards to Yngwie’s common picking strategies for his, ummm “main things” that he always does. I have Chris’ book (The Yng way etc) and it too is a really, really in depth look at the master’s playing style - lots of great information on scales and arpeggios in Yng’s music, so you can’t go wrong with either of those. Buy and try them all?

Just my opinion of course, good luck on your quest.

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it does line up. Concept is the same but the way he teaches them and takes deep down into aspects such as singles string runs, 2 string runs, ascending, descending, 2 string arpeggios , 3 string…etc using samples from Yngwie’s music and stuff is quite good in my humble opinion.

In conclusion his pack is basically to understand Yngwie and then shows you how to “practice” it

Tom Shreds material is good… But it really has been covered pretty extensively in Chris Brook’s NeoClassical Speed Strategies as well as his YngWay course.

Not to mention the various Youtube videos he had up showing Malmsteens “One Note” exception stuff.

Troy’s Volcano Seminar is also pretty awesome.


PS DSX players can do Yngwie’s stuff - it just kind of requires a sort of “dimension shift” as far as some of the geometry goes!

I wasn’t aware of Yngwie’s Lone Note Exception, that makes me feel a lot better as a DSX player using the occasional pull off or hammer on to avoid TWPS those descending or ascending fours, I never understood how he did that. It always sounded 100% picked to me. I’ts a relieve to know it wasn’t but that’s what gives that super smooth fast effect.

I’ve been getter a lot better at that thanks to Tommo’s and Andy James tricks, I still think coverting Eric Johnson stuff to DSX is probably the biggest challenge by far, specially those 5 note pentatonic groupings, I’ve seen ways of doing them DSX but it really is a pain, mostly because then the fretting hand doesn’t feel as smooth since you have to change the fingerings aswell.

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Single escape players can do alternate picked 4’s - the key is even number of notes per string. I do it all the time, combos of 4nps and 2nps.

Sweeps, hybrid picked, and hammers/pulloffs facilitate string changes if you want to keep it in a 3 nps scale block, though.

Eric Johnson 5’s are very doable, but same thing - within the 2nps block, sweeps/hammer-ons or hybrid picked notes are the key for making those patterns work. Converting the pattern to 3nps geometry really makes some craziness possible…

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Oh yeah I guess considering pentantonic 3 nps definitely gives some other options for five note groupings! i hadn’t considered that

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Yeah, so while there are a bunch of different ways to do ascending and descending 4’s via single escape using a variety of escape hatches, I find that sometimes I just want it tight, and picked - no messing around with hybrid or pulloffs and sweeps - sometimes that stuff kind of does something interesting to the meter when I play it, and it can by quite a time investment trying to straighten it out. So whenever I can, for alternate picked things that I want to be fast, I will keep it to an even number of notes per string thing, or a single string because honestly, it’s the string-changes that present the difficulty!

So yeah, here’s how I approach the ascending and descending 4’s, hopefully it’s helpful!

And when it comes to Eric Johnson or Joe Bonnamassa stuff with Pentatonic 5’s I tend to do it like this; I will sometimes replace downward sweeps with a sweep, as passages with a downward sweep interrupting a bunch of picking feels like just that - an interruption! I have a few other ways to do 2nps 5’s, but honestly this one is great for getting that “holy cow those are a lot of picked notes” sound with good rhythmic control.
Both of these posts I’ve made dovetail nicely with Tommo’s Metronomic Rock I feel, but try it and see I guess.

I made the decision to focus on my strengths a couple of months ago in regards to picking; Now I manipulate the note arrangements to suit me. And of course, I have this sideline DBX hobby but honestly, DSX is VERY powerful in my opinion.

Okay, good luck - I hope this is somewhat helpful!

DSX Pentatonic 5's

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Thank you I have seen the Ascending 4s with even notes grouping before its a really good alternative, I find when doing descending fours I can use swiping, it’s only in the top strings where it can really get kinda messy and not as clean but I’ve been getting better at it at muting with my fretting hand, i think it’s a pretty good option. I find also like you said that that adding sweeps can screw up the accents and the feel, hammers and pull offs can do that but it’s not as bad, I just find it really hard to accent off a sweep.

Because of my DSX motion I suck at downward-ascending economy picking really fast, I can do it but just slower and sometimes it does come in handy for riffs and stuff but not for blazing fast licks or speed picking, I just can’t do it, I can do ascending sweeps in one note per string well but not economy picking since it requires to do alternate picking on a single string first before making the string change, and my tremolo motion is DSX that doesn’t allow for economy picking ascending, descending is totally fine it works well with it, so ascending economy picking is the only technique I have to discard completely, would be good to have it tho, specially for scalar playing I was seeing a Japanese player that clearly got a lot from Yngwie but he’s blazing fast with economy picking, he’s kinda like an Yngwie with Joe Stump mixture techniquewise, I haven’t figured out what he does on descending scales yet, but seems different than what Yngwie does, seems like descending economy with some legatos in there.

On another notee, watching Chris Brooks I find it very interesting that he seems to have developed a helper motion but he also uses swiping for his alternate picking runs, I think it’s always a good option for single escape players.

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Is the ascending economy picking an issue perhaps because of rhythm? I find that when I economy pick/sweep it kind of takes on it’s own rhythm, kind of cascades a lot of the time and fighting that can definitely lead to some frustration. For instance, economy picking 3nps scales in either direction tends to take on a triplet feel - which makes sense it being 3nps, but it is important to know that it’s really, really hard to rhythmically control/accent different notes within a sweep/econo move. Usually it’s first and last note with a cascade in between. I prefer that rhythmic control that alternate picking yields.

Sweeping or economy shouldn’t be a problem with eisther USX or DSX - One direction might feel just a bit better than the other, but both are definitely doable. Are you trying to impose a mute? Muting can be tough if you are really pronated in your hand setup…

lol I am just spitballing here, hopefully some of it is helpful. Awaiting one of the many experts…

I think in my case is that I do a escape motion on my downstrokes because of my DSX motion when tremolo picking, so my pick goes away from the next string, but ascending economy picking requires trapped motion instead, on the downstrokes specifically, so I just can’t get it to work, whereas on my descending economy picking my upstrokes are trapped naturally and that helps with the economy picking motion in that case, but in sweeping it’s a different motion for me since it’s single strings just gliding through them.

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Hmm, I too have a tendency to go way far away on the downstrokes on my tremolo/single string stuff. I also have a tendency to entrap my pickstrokes if I am not paying attention. Kind of a contradiction, very frustrating at times hahaha

But as far as the downstroke sweep goes have you tried doing a strum, and then articulating your LH to separate the notes? It takes a bit of getting used to timing the LH fingers to hit the notes with the pick, but us DSX’ers should really have no problem with it! If you can strum, you can sweep!

  d   u     d


It will eventually turn into this, and man - it can be powerful! Good luck, again - I hope this is helpful! :grinning:

  d   u    d   d


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Oh man! This is great I never even thought of it as a possibility but it it should definitely work! I’m gonna try it and see how it goes. Thank you very much