Another old newbie?

Hello everyone,
58 year old guitar player, Don, from Atlanta GA area. Learned about his site from watching all the YouTube videos. I totally have not “cracked the code” whatsoever! I figure there has to be a lightbulb moment at some point? I hope. I already alternate pick, so hoping that helps. But man, I am slow on runs. Unfortunately, I LOVE Eric Johnson so trying to figure out how he plays so smoothly. Like the descriptions say sometimes…cascading. Good description! Troy does that well and the Yngwie stuff, too. I am just hoping there are others here who are not just fine-tuning their technique but are starting speeding picking 101 like myself. I know I need to figuer out the pick slant thing and I do notice my hand “bouncing” and need to figure out how to quiet that. Anyways, hope to chat with some folks, happy pickin!


I’m with you! Good to see I’m not he only one who’s been playing for a while and is still at the starting line in many ways. I was shocked when I watched the EJ videos on Troy’s website and realized what he was actually doing. I couldn’t believe he was mixing in economy picking and using downward pick slanting. I watched Total Electric Guitar and Fine Art of the Guitar long ago, so EJ’s technique has been a mystery to me until now. I learned the opposite of what I should have when it comes to picking technique from those (bouncing, leading edge picking, etc.)