Anton Oparin raises the bar again!


16th Caprice (from about 1:55) at blistering speed, one take, no mistakes with: EYES CLOSED!
No words…

Also he shows a few great exercises in this interview.



yeah, they’re ok I guess



Hahahaha! That is a good one!


I have extensively studied Russian (Soviet era) weightlifters and have numerous of their very detailed translated weightlifting manuals. Oparin shows all those same Russian qualities: A very methodical and matter-of-fact approach, confidence (brashness), deep analysis etc. Once the Russians decide to master something, it’s a done deal.

Very inspiring too. After seeing it I had a great practice session. When you see someone perform at this level, its puts your own 3 nps or basic pedal point ideas (or whatever) into perspective and you simply DECIDE you need to be much better since those skills are, after all, basic lol.


For sure very inspiring! But frustrating at the same time…

He had a totaly different start then any of us with a father who is so deep into every detail of muscle movement.
I once read an interview with him and his father together, and although at a very young Anton (8) already played that Caprice stuff flaweless his father said he could not play guitar at all yet; that is how high the bar was set!
I can imagine that those practice sessions with his father must have been very intense, not for the faint hearted!


As far as i can tell from what i see, a big part of his flaweless technique is to know how to totaly relax with every single movement and how to accelerate in the most efficient way.
There is no tention at all with anything he plays. When he does those big string skipping stuff it all looks so effortless. Only the least amount of movement is used in the most cotrolled way possible.

That is what i am working on now; try to stay totaly relaxed, feel every movement and make no unnecessary movements.


He really has one of the best picking techniques I’ve ever seen. The attack reminds me of Paul Gilbert in a lot of ways, but Paul is far more simplistic and rote in his patterns. This guy is something else.


@guitarenthusiast, and don’t forget his lefthand technique. That’s also one of the best i have ever seen!
He realy is something else!


For sure. I know on this forum I say that with enough practice you can do anything, but Anton is an example of a player whose technique is so incredibly refined that to get to that level without having started young, you’d likely need to do nothing but play guitar all day. And even then I’m not sure if you could catch up to the sheer amount of quality hours he practiced.


Yeah man, i totaly agree!