Any CTC teachers for live in person (NY) or zoom lessons?

Are there any teachers who are proficient in all things ‘Cracking the Code’ that are available for lessons, preferably in person in the NYC area (though I’d be open to online lessons if no one is available around here). I’ve been playing for several years, and have always had trouble with speed and endurance. I was really excited to find this site a few months ago, and it didn’t take long for me to identify my problem, I’m definitely a ‘string hopper’. Unfortunately, coming up with a solution has been much more difficult than identifying the problem. I’ve had some success tremolo picking using an elbow technique, but I’ve been at it for a few months now and it still mostly turns to crap when I try to incorporate my left (fretting hand) to do anything beyond just tremolo picking, even when just staying on 1 string. So I think it’s time I get some help, to hopefully find a teacher who can give me some personalized 1 on 1 instruction. Thanks all!