Any idea what kind of pick this is?

I swear in all the years of buying 8 million different kinds of picks THIS one is the only one that seems to fit nicely in my hands! That top part is padded rubber, so it really helps with the pick not moving around and everything feels locked in place. Problem is I have no idea where I got it, and the brand name of it? Anybody have any ideas?? :thinking:

Interesting. What is on the other side? Can I ask what country you live in? That might give a clue as it might have been given away with a magazine or a pedal that was manufactured in that particular country.

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I live in Las Vegas. The other side is the same minus the logo. I don’t think it was given away in a magazine or anything. I’m sure I bought it somewhere thru the years along with all the other picks and forgot about it. It’s really great sounding though! Holding a pick in my hand has always been a major issue. It’s always moving around wiggling around and generally unstable. Not this one!

If you find out, let us know. I’m looking for a solution to the same problem

I just got on Sweetwater and scrolled thru every pick to no avail. This may be the only one in existence. Haha :man_shrugging:

Ibanez Grip Wizard?

Size is hard to make out, but the shape and description pretty much fits the bill…

I don’t know I’m afraid. I was thinking Cool Picks, but they all have the Cool Picks logo on them. The other company I was thinking was Pickboy but I can’t find any ones with the particular logo. :frowning: I’m interested to know what it is!

I’ve had those pick boys before. Here’s another pic of it next to other ones. It’s about the same size as a Jazz 3 XL which is another reason why I like it. Regular jazz 3’s feel to small in my hands. I’m starting to wonder if I got it at some mom and pop shop out in L.A where I use to live. :thinking: Either way if I don’t ever find another one, I’m going to find ones with that padded rubber grip because it really seems to help with the stability of me holding the pick.

Holy hell! I found it. :love_you_gesture:


hahaha, how did you find it?

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I typed in “guitar pick grip” and it was basically at the bottom of all the choices in the pictures. I just ordered 4 more! Two heavy gage, and two extra heavy :love_you_gesture:

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Looks good but expensive at $4 a pick


It’s worth every penny if it’s helping me become a better guitar player. For whatever reason it fits my hand like a glove. Once I’ve gotten to the level I want to achieve with the picking technique, I’m sure i’ll Be able to play with whatever. :man_shrugging:

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