Any interviews with hybrid pickers coming up?


I’m wondering if there are plans to film a new Masters in Mechanics, with high res iPhone footage, with a great hybrid picker? Maybe someone like Brett Garsed? The Marshall Harrison stuff was pretty cool, but the footage wasn’t of the quality that we are seeing these days.


Andy does lots of it and we have a fair amount of footage of it. Martin does too and I think we have some clips of that in his interview as well. And of course there’s Albert Lee. I may be forgetting someone. Scotty Anderson would be great to get back in, I love his stuff.


I’d love to see a Scotty Anderson interview. I watched Red Hot Guitar again recently, his double-stop and triple-stop alternate picking lines are unbelievable. I’d love to see footage of it from the magnet.


Hi @Troy

I was wondering about an actual interview where you focus on hybrid picking for a bit.

@Tom_Gilroy I picked up Scotty’s REH video on DVD and his playing is amazing.


Scotty Anderson is amazing.


How about an interview with Tim Miller. He uses hybrid picking, as well as the 212 system you recently uploaded a video about on YouTube.


Tim would be good and he is very into education.

He has a lesson on his site where he plays over the changes to All The Things, at around 300bpm, and he plays a steady stream of 8th notes, combining string skipping arpeggios, 212 arpeggios and melodic lines, all played with a clean tone. It’s one of the smoothest pieces of playing I’ve heard in a long time.