Any Jazz type players here working on speed?

Hey guys,

Just wondering is there anyone around that’s working on getting Jazz lines faster? Seeing what’s worked or working for you. It’s something I’m considering going back to improve on.

Thanks for reading, J

Have you tried like Gypsy Jazz loops?

For me it wouldn’t really be the speed, but when to incorporate it in the moment would be my struggle. That is what really limits my speed is just being able to be fluent in music theory on the fly.

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I work on this. Right now I’m not working on lines so much as developing raw speed. I just went through the whole reverse dart thrower/3 finger trailing edge sequence so I could bypass my existing technique issues and just be fast.

One issue for jazz lines - are you planning on playing lines engineered to work with a particular pickslant, a la Benson or Gypsy jazz, or do you want to play lines from a variety of instruments? I usually study horn and piano players, so it’s more important to have a good double escape motion.

That’s the other element of technique I’m working on at the same time as RDT speed - targeting a Martin Miller style double escape thing. I assume that once I can execute various speed exercises I’ll be able to bring the technique over to specific lines, as well as improvised lines, when everything is internalized enough. That’s the hope!

Right now I do eighth/sixteenth note drills at 200, 225, and 250. Might as well practice fast!

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Ah yes I’m definitely familiar w Christian, great channel.

I’ve been fairly obsessive with all things cracking the code and I guess the main primary I play is jazz.
Lots of things have worked, lots of things haven’t :man_shrugging:
I’ve adapted a lot of one way escape stuff to work with a lot of vocabulary (mainly USX, but DSX is relatively comfortable now too) and have gotten better at double escapes.

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