Any Mad Season Fans Here?


I’ve been listening to a band I discovered back in the mid 90s when the single “River Of Deceit” began being played.That’s a damn good sing but it isn’t as distinctively different from other bands as much as this song right here is. This song “Long Gone Day” was just different from everything else coming out at that time and it’s still different from anything else. For those of you who know what I mean, can you tell me of any bands that maybe sound kind of like this:

Layne Staley was such a talented guy. It’s very sad how he died. Does anyone know of a good, reasonably accurate biography of Layne Staley? I’m interested in finding out more about his life. Did he get into heroin before he got famous?

Although I am not a big fan of grunge, I do like Alice In Chains - especially th album “Dirt.” The vocal harmonies are eerie!

In some ways Mad Season is like Alice In chains but they also have a sound all their own. It’s only the distinctiveness of Layne Staley’s voice that really gives it away - otherwise I wouldn’t know that this band had anyone from Alice In Chains… I love Mad Season’s jazziness - especially in this song, November Motel and Wake Up. In Fact, Wake Up is my favorite Mad Season song except possibly for this one here.

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I had to dd one more Mad Season song to this thread for those who are new to them. I absolutely love this song! So much emotion. Tragic.

Is there something about this that reminds you a little bit of The Doors? Not a whole lot, just slightly.

best line: “So an infection not a phase”

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Yea I like the mad season album too, another good one on there is I’m Above.

The AIC e.p. jar of flies comes kind of close to this sound. When the sax plays in that long gone day vid, it kind of reminds me of a band called morphine…


I was going to say it sounds like Alice In Chains and Days of the New has a baby but then it got all jazzy so I don’t know.


That’s some quality sax in there, who is it do you know?

I love Layne in AiC but I wasn’t sure he meshed with the sound of this band quite as well.