Any new interviews coming up?

Hey @Troy @Brendan any new interviews in the pipeline?

Feels like its been a while


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We just had a huge release so a little info on what’s coming next, in general, would be cool!

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Yes, we do have quite a few interviews in the pipeline! A lot of our focus lately has been on the lessons / tutorial side of things (Pickslanting Primer additions) and as a result we’ve got a bit of a backlog of interviews filmed but not yet edited. We’ll be working on getting those out as soon as we can.

We just filmed a fun thing with Teemu, shorter than a typical interview but hopefully that also means fairly quick to edit, we’re aiming to get that out soon. Next up for full interviews is probably Brendon Small, Troy’s part way through editing that.

Several others we still have to get edited as well — Olli Soikkeli & Cesar Garabini, Bill Hall, Roy Ziv, Wim den Herder, another convo with David Grier — but TBD in what order we’ll get to all those!


Will the John Taylor interview come at all or has it been aborted? Was really looking forward to that one.


Same deal with Rusty Cooley? His interview has been MIA for a while.


We still want to make this happen, for sure. May need to do a follow-up at some point with John to get some more stuff filmed for this. I’ll talk with Troy about that. We’re working through our editing backlog, will get to this when we can, sorry no more concrete updates at the moment.

This one’s a bit of a weird case for us, not quite the same issue but similar. A while back we had a clip pack for Rusty, but never a full edited interview, and the original stuff we filmed is pretty different from how we do interviews now. With Rusty, too, we may need to meet up again to film some more and try to get a proper updated interview.

I’ll fully admit we sometimes screw up and over-optimistically announce a thing as “coming soon” and it ends up being more challenging than we thought, or unclear how to complete, and can fall on the back burner as we’re typically always juggling several things in the pipeline. We absolutely want to do right by these guys and figure something out; when we have more to share, we’ll keep you posted!

Appreciate the update! Any chance of re-releasing the RC clip pack as is? It would sate our appetite until a new interview with Rusty happens :wink: