Any opinions on my DWPS guide?


A few weeks ago I decided to put together tabs for a few licks that all work well with DWPS and wanted to put them somewhere on the internet for others to access. I ended up writing a guide on how to do DWPS and included some patterns for learning it as well as some more musical licks. I didn’t really know where to publish it, so I ended up posting it on Ultimate Guitar.

I thought that I would share it here and see what other people have to say about it. There’s quite a lot of text that I’m sure nobody wants to read, but maybe you can at least take a look at the licks and say if you think they’re good for developing DWPS, or if you would suggest something else. I’m interested in any opinions or criticism so that I know what to do better next time. I hope I helped spread the holy teachings of Cracking the Code without completely screwing up. :grin:


My only teaching experience is completely unrelated to music, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt here:

I think your readers would benefit from more detail on how to achieve DWPS – you explain the geometry, which is great, but not the physiology. Describe what you do to achieve DWPS, maybe?


Thank you that is a nice list of licks! Good also to periodically check where one is at with the basic elements of the technique.