Any plans for some Nuno Bettencourt material?

I am biased because I’m a fan, but I think his technique is pretty unique in its percussive use of muting that makes legato runs hard to distinguish from picked lines, and his overall fluidity and rhythmicality are amazing.
I’d love to see a seminar on him.


Nuno is great of course. We have no specific plans to do anything on him, but of course we’d be open to that. I don’t really know what Nuno does and I have this feeling that he’s not that into being looked at in that way, so our options for knowing more might be limited. You never know. If we run into him somewhere we’ll be nice!

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Nuno is of course a most excellent player, but his technique doesn’t really offer any unique set of picking mechanics not already covered in other CtC/interview materials. He’s pretty much a downward pick slanter with 2WPS alternate picking + legato in lead lines.

The percussive thing is just right hand muting + left hand legato. You can hear it on this YG lesson at 8 min / Ex. 5:

Thanks for the replies, I agree in terms of pure right hand mechanics there’s not much new, but it’s more the way he puts all the bits together that is interesting.
And yes from what I know of him I’m not sure he would be into being analysed, but I was more thinking about breaking down his licks into digestible chunks a bit like like the EJ seminar.
Could I do it on my own ? Sure, and I have :slight_smile:
But still I always enjoy the perspective that Troy brings, not to mention I want to see him rip on the he man woman hater riff :sweat_smile: