Anybody else being musical on Instagram?


The reason for the distinction is that ‘someone’ started following me and I didn’t pay it any attention because codegtr wasn’t a recognized term, just thought it was another rando. If I had seen “crackingthecodeguitar” I would have been like “oh, cool!”

the username will be there every time they leave a comment or do any action like that, so it’s good for it to be something that will connect.

Good example, Rick Graham has like 100K followers now - so if CTC leaves an insightful comment on one of his posts, that will get seen by a lot of people. If others connect that “oh, that’s cracking the code, I know them!” I think it will connect better rather than it just seeming like another random fan.

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new link because of the name change:


Here’s a little update!

Today, I’ve finished my IG series on Intervals on the guitar called “Step by Step Intervals” where you can check (or use as a reference) all of them up to an octave, just as useful for bass or 4ths tuned string instruments.

You can also check out my previous series “Chord Inversions” (from closed, open and weirder triads to all 7th chord Drops) and “Useful Solfege” (name speaks for itself), as well as a bunch of “Musical Challenges” for the brave ones among you. :love_you_gesture:t2:


Hey everyone,

talking about Instagram, Andy James has been answering a lot of questions today. I know a lot of you despise this recently introduced feature. But I thought this is the right thread to mention this in case some of you want to check Andy’s answers (a lot of them not really guitar related btw).

Go to his account “Andyjamesguitar” and check out his today’s Instagram Story (only available for 24 hours).

This one I found interesting:

Cheers \m/