Anybody else being musical on Instagram?


Finally caved and started using this thing, been trying to put out some cool info in one minute chunks. Hope you guys will dig it. Same name as here: @beandsay.

Fellow forum member (and overall badass) @JakeEstner (same on IG) is also in the game with some killer content.

So, is anyone else putting out original musical content (performances, lessons…) on IG?

UPDATE: Today, I’ve finished my IG series on Intervals on the guitar called “Step by Step Intervals” where you can check all of them up to an octave on guitar, just as useful for bass or 4ths tuned string instruments.

You can also check out my series “Chord Inversions” and “Useful Solfege”, as well as a bunch of “Musical Challenges” for the brave ones among you.


Hey, thanks for the kind words!

I’ll put a link for your IG so it’s easy to get to it:

Some people hate the concept of music/playing on instagram, for me it’s really perfect because I have ADD, hah, making one minute clips is just enough to make me motivated to actually do it.

I started my channel just for yucks and share things I was practicing, and now I’ve connected with so many great musicians and also built an online lessons business just in the past couple of years.

If anything, I think it’s awesome to be regularly trying to make good content - it really keeps you on your toes! I think I’ve been way more motivated to practice and push myself since I started using instagram, and that alone is worth a lot regardless of followers and stuff.


Cool! Better share Jake’s too :slight_smile:

I know Jake has also been active on Soundslice — for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet, they now have “channels”, a similar sort of social-feed-for-music feature:

@JakeEstner how has that been going?

We’ve never had an Instagram account for Cracking the Code, YouTube has always been our main channel, but something to consider…I hear Instagram may be opening it up to allow longer videos, interesting to see what impact that may have.

Lots of the folks we’ve interviewed do have pretty active accounts and may be worth a follow! I can post here, or maybe make a separate topic since there’s a bunch.


Hey Guys! I’ll be following you all on Insta post-haste. Feel free to follow me back at

I don’t have specific CtC content there yet, but will likely soon. My playing has been so influenced by this material it’s inescapable in my playing clips haha. Look forward to checking out everybody’s stuff.


@Brendan Thank you! The soundslice account is a lot of fun. It’s nice to mix in with the instagram and it’s just a cool thing to share with people. Beyond that, it’s very new and I don’t have any particular goals with it. If later I wanted to have soundslice courses for sale (I don’t currently have any) then I think having a lot of samples on my channel will be useful, and also the fact that I’ve built up a good number of followers there should help too.

But otherwise, for now it’s mostly just for my enjoyment and kind of in conjunction with my instagram.

I do like on that on my website I can point people to the instagram page for playing clips and the soundslice page for transcription samples. At some point I might have more lessons online, either on IG, SS, or YT, but for now it’s not the priority.


Here are the accounts for as many Cracking the Code interviewees as I could find. Check 'em out, lots of good stuff! (@beandsay happy to move this to a separate topic if you think that might be better)


Oh cool, maybe I should make myself an account as well! It sounds like we could build a cool network of CTC-enthusiasts.

The 1-min format seems approachable also to a guy like me: as an hobbyist I rarely get a big enough chunk of time to work on recording proper stuff… and when I do I typically get too anxious about not wasting the opportunity and then proceed to waste it :sweat_smile:


I really like it. I feel like instagram is more ‘social media’ than youtube in that the ‘vibe’ is a bit more like if you were hanging out with people you know and sharing music, or in the case of stories, just talking or sharing something potentially relevant from your day. Basically I feel like on instagram the bar is way lower for things like lighting and production and finished projects and stuff. You open up a youtube video and you’re basically expecting a real piece of work. On instagram you can get that but it can also just be “hey guys, here’s something I was exploring/practicing today” and personally I can find that to be more exciting then some massive finished project.

One of my favorite guitarists right now is Thomas Griggs and he posts on instagram a fair amount. The dude is very heavy into a lot of really cool concepts, and he’ll just turn his phone on and share stuff he’s tinkering with and it’s often really exciting.


Oh good, I was just going to start this same thread!

A couple weeks ago at my duo gig the other guy in the band said, “I think I follow that guy at the bar on Instagram.”

Turns it out it was him, and he sat in for awhile… holy smokes. This guy:

After that I got more in the 'gram and then it served me up a clip of @JakeEstner playing God Only Knows.

Would love to follow more of you fine folks over there.

I’m @joshuaskaja there too:



Super related to that, I’ve befriended a younger guitarist in London (I’m in Boston) and just saw he was going ‘live’ on instagram talking about soloing over some changes he wrote. I pushed a button and was able to hop on his video live feed myself, be there and talk to him, guitars in hand, with an audience too, just in my office drinking coffee. How cool is that???


Here’s me:

It’s my personal page but I do a lot of band updates on it, plus some guitar playing, gear glam and lots of home cooking.

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Alright — you all have convinced us to give it a go! This seems like a good outlet for shorter clips and examples. Just posted our first video, same one Troy just shared in the Anton Oparin topic. We’re new to the Instagram guitar scene / how best to use the platform for videos; further suggestions welcome!

Also looks like Instagram is launching support for longer videos today so will be interesting to see how that unfolds. It does seem that short & casual is part of the appeal…but who knows, maybe longer stuff can do well on the platform too.


Nice one Brendan! Just gave you a follow. Might be fun to upload some of the more casual/behind the scenes stuff that isn’t YouTube material in the same way!

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Great! Linking to your account too :slight_smile:


Thanks Brendan, I’ll upload some the Hyperpicking stuff I shot for you on the account in a bit and tag you, bit of cross promotion! Ha!

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Nice! I just a message when I saw the follow - I’m going to copy it here:


Okay changed to ‘crackingthecodeguitar’ — better clear than concise! (‘crackingthecode’ already taken unfortunately)


Here’s mine

Feel free to follow the musical adventures (struggles) of a guitarist who spent most of his time developing as a composer and assumed he would never be a virtuoso player until he one day decided that he would try to become a virtuoso player anyway.

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Yeah I think that will connect better!


I know you already went and changed it but when you search for people by name on IG it searches for the optional “full name” in your bio in addition to your username so I think either way would work fine for you so long as you as putting out content, using hashtags and trying to engage with the guitar community.

I think that uploading some of the “supercut” clips and little shorties of upcoming interviews from the forum would be a good start to get the page looking nice and filled out

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