Anybody else have any particular difficulty with 2NPS ascending dsx?

It’s an odd thing that I’ve noticed; ascending 2NPS DSX phrases like these are consistently very awkward for me:

I think it’s specifically the string tracking element because when the phrase covers fewer strings I find it more manageable.
For whatever it’s worth:

  • 2NPS descending DSX + tracking 6 strings is easy, it’s the ascending that’s difficult
  • four or more notes per string, ascending DSX + tracking 6 strings is easy, it’s just when it’s 2nps
  • pretty much any USX phrase is easy, but descending 2NPS USX is a less comfortable combination than others

And I actually just did a little testing and on first tries, 1NPS rolls are actually easier for me than 2NPS descending DSX. Obviously it helps that I’ve been practicing 1nps roll stuff very consistently for a few months now, and not so much working on the other thing. I think there’s just elements of the string tracking that aren’t clicking.

(Side note, it’s interesting how doing multiple notes on a string can feel awkward when coming from lots of 1nps practice!)

Any thoughts? Could do video if anyone thinks it would be helpful.

I find when the 2nps phrase has alot of ‘up’ strokes starting each string it’s awkward for me too (when using USX). Otherwise it’s much better. Would re-jigging the picking here make a difference for you?

yes, but my Q is about the circumstance rather than the line, you know what I mean?

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Yeah, me too. I’m thinking it could be due to the fact that when descending, there is a rest stroke in the direction of the string tracking after every string change. When ascending, everything is upside down and the rest stroke direction is opposite to the tracking motion. This feels very awkward.

I can’t say I’ve tried this, but in my USX attempts (which I am not good at anyway), I notice I’m weaker at 2NPS descending, so it’s probably a symptom of the same problem. I agree this sounds like the cause: