Anybody using Guitar Pro 8 or running version 5?

Hi I need a bit of help, I’ve bought a few packs of transcriptions and one of them won’t open in my guitar pro version 8 and their tech support is refusing to convert it due to some arcane rules. I’ve paid for the file from the author (Vincent Rain), I’ve paid for the last three version of Guitar Pro including the one I’m currently using. GP5 will not run on my current M1 mac. Their tech support wont convert if for me citing that the file is not from their song book catalog, they even sent me a screen shot of the file open! I just don’t understand the world these days. I haven’t tried to contact Vincent Rain, doesn’t look like he’s maintaining these files considering he’s selling GP5 files in 2023, the shame is I bought the pack for this one track, the rest of the tracks open just fine!

Anyways, sorry bout the rant, could somebody here convert this file to a later version of GP5, I’d really appreciate it.

Should I post it here or PM it?

Thanks in advance.

I have GP7 and haven’t noticed any issue opening older files. You can DM it to me and I’ll give it a shot.

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Thank you brother, it’s just this one that’s not opening, all the others worked, atleast the ones I tried so far.

happy to take a look if you haven’t got it sorted.

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Thanks for asking brother, @Riffdiculous sorted me out.

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