Anyone going to NAMM?

I’ll be at the NAMM show this year with Guitar Interactive magazine. Is anyone else going? Would love to say hi in person.

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Dudes I’m so psyched for the unvveiling of the EJ semi hollow strat.

You’re lucky! I would love to go to NAMM some time.

I’m going! Is/are @Troy or any of the CTC guys?

We won’t be there, but hope it’s awesome! If any of y’all happen to run into each other feel free to post a group photo here :smiley: Maybe we’ll consider going in the future if we have time…as this community grows it would be fun to meet people in person.


So it’s looking like I’m going to be interviewing Frank Gambale and Steve Morse while I’m out there (excited isn’t the word!) - does anyone have any burning questions?


burning questions, yes, when and where? if it’s public I’ll try to make it!