Anyone heard guitarist Keith Whalen?

This guy is pretty under-the-radar. For all I know, he’s a member here. But he’s doing some really, truly fascinating things that are up folks’ alley here and I think it’s someone you might want to notice. Fewer than 2000 subscribers on Insta, and his youtube vids have very few hits as well, but he’s every bit as nuts as guys like Rick Graham (NOT a knock, I’m a big fan of his as well.) REALLY tight crosses from alternate to sweep to hybrid. He’s like a technical OCD.

I don’t want to post links, because I don’t want anything to seem spammy. Look him up, OR tell me “welcome to 2014 we ARE the 2000 subscribers…”


Yes, he’s awesome. He’s on our (absurdly long and growing) list of hundreds of awesome people to look more closely at. You’re always welcome to include links to players you like — that’s one of the ways we all find out about new stuff.

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There’s a Keith Whalen thread here:

(just incase you hadn’t found it yet…)

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