Anyone know of picks smaller than the Jazz III?

I know the Stubby is ever so slightly smaller width ways, and the Tortex Small Teardrop is even smaller widthways but a bit taller than a Jazz III. My knowledge on this topic is very limited (pretty much just to the Dunlop picks but even then I’m betting there’s a few I’m unaware of) but I thought there might be others here who know more about the topic.


I don’t have a definitive answer, but I’ll add that there’s a Tortex Jazz III that has the same silhouette as the Jazz III, but is thinner (1.0mm).

Ah right cool I didn’t know about that pick. Another to add to the list.


Yes - Ernie Ball Prodigy mini. It’s slightly smaller than a regular red Jazz iii but it has an extreme bevel all around, making the gripping surface area even smaller.

These actually come in the full range of Tortex sizes - I have a bunch of 0.60 and 0.73mm ones in their “pitch black” black tortex series, but I think they go even thinner than that.

Clayton Spikes are ever-so-slightly smaller than Dunlop Jazz picks, but as far as production picks, I don’t know too many smaller than that. Aside from that you could try semi-custom or custom - I have a few Winspear picks and while none of their production/signature picks go below the size of a Jazz III, it’s possible if you emailed them they’d be able to do something like a 20% smaller Mini Shiv, which is their closest offering to a Jazz III.

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Thanks. For anyone else interested, here’s the query for all Tortex picks in the Jazz III shape on Dunlop’s website:

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