Anyone own a Strandberg Boden Guitar?

Any owners of the Stranberg guitar? Standard, Metal, etc?

I’m interested in their 6 string standard or the Metal version.

I’m looking for something “different” and they definitely fit the description.

They sound pretty good from the Youtube vids i’ve seen and they look like they’re well made.

They’re a bit pricey though, and if i’m only paying for the “look” and ergonomic design… i may pass.

i’m also concerned about parts, do they need to be replaced often?

any help would be appreciated.

Not an owner, but I’ve played one, as well as headless / fanned fret Kiesel.

Is there anything in particular that you want “different”? The ergonomics are great and definitely a plus if you’re looking for that (I have some shoulder issues so I was tempted to get one), but I’m not sure if it would be worth it to get one if you’re not wanting specifically the ergonomics / portability / light weight. Obliviously this all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

I have 2, a standard 6 string and an original 7. I actually enjoy playing them a lot and haven’t touched my music man majesty 7 for over a year.

There is something about playing the extra mass of the endurneck that is really nice. I normally favour a slim neck, but the endurneck gives the ease of playing a slim neck with the comfort of a thicker neck. A revelation for me.

The light weight is also something else, so easy to play and move around.


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Thank you, I appreciate the insight.

With guitars like these, you’re paying a bit for the design aesthetic… but do you feel beyond that,
that the guitar offers anything extraordinary?

Do they excel at anything that a “normal” guitar can do?



They excel at a couple of things

  • They are very light and comfortable to play
  • They are exceptionally well balanced - no neck dive
  • The endurneck provides the comfort of playing a thicker neck (which is better for your hand) with the speed and ability provided by a thinner neck
  • The multi scale gives you the best of both worlds with long scale for low string notes (better definition) and ease of playing higher string notes


Thank you, again, that’s very helpful.

how do they sound? the models you have, have both “Stranberg” Pups and aftermarket pups?

Do they work well for aggressive rock?

The standard 6 string has Strandberg pickups ,whilst the 7 has fishman moderns. They both work well for aggressive rock, with the fish and in particular.

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I owned a Mayones headless guitar and it was very light and comfortable to play. However it was a nightmare to intonate because of the ABM bridge. It was extremely hard to make adjustments as one allen nut was tightened, the saddle would shift slightly. I’m not sure how Boden guitars are intonated, but I would urge you to look into the maintenance of the guitar before you buy.

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hey Lewis, if you don’t mind one more question…

see what Allendough wrote… What’s the maintenance on the Strandberg look like?
do you have a tremolo or a fixed bridge?

i heard a reviewer on youtube say that the bridge has a lot of small parts that wear out/get lost easily.

ist that the case?


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Mine are both fixed bridge, although I am looking at getting one with a trem.

The only thing that I know you have to be careful on a regular basis is the nylon washer on the tuners when you change strings.

That has not been a major issue for me as in the whole time I have had both guitars (2 years) I have only broken 1 string. I’ve changed strings a couple of times and it’s fine.


Thank you. i really appreciate all the help.



I sold my Mayones Hydra guitar last year, but it was a fixed bridge.

What model of Strandberg were you thinking of getting? If you give me a link to the model I can take a look at the guitar and give you my opinion of what I think the maintenance of it would be like.

I was looking through my old Facebook messages and here is a message I sent to a Polish Mayones dealer who I had become friendly with, and it outlines my problems with the bridge.

I have a few problems with adjusting the action and intonation on this guitar. Firstly I find that if I want to lower the action I have to loosen the intonation screw completely - if I don’t then the strings wont lower because the screw for intonation is holding the saddle in place. I can raise action with the intonation screw tightened. My other issue is with the intonation screw - when I tighten the screw on the A string I find that the action of the string raises up very slightly. I also find when I tighten the intonation screw the saddle moves very slightly as the screw is being tightened and this throws off any adjustments I have made. I am eventually able to get everything set up, but it takes a while. I’m wondering if I am doing something wrong? Thank you.


I’m not trying to put you off, just making you aware of what was a major headache for me for the entire time I had an otherwise beautiful guitar. I wouldn’t want to see someone experience the same problems I had.

Sometimes I would put 8s on the guitar and the high string would slip from under the locking grub screw at the headstock. I guess the reason is because the string was too thin and the grub screw couldn’t grab it properly. this is something else to be aware of if you play with very light gauge strings.


I appreciate the advice, that’s why i knew to post here first !

This is the model:

Boden Standard 6 Maple Flame Black | .strandberg* Guitars

Honestly, at the $ i’m a little put off. i actually like some of the other finishes and that they start
climbing into the $2k and over range…

no thanks.

Also, I was checking out Kiesell… lol that website is confusing! i cant make heads or tails of
the way they have the info laid out there.

i was reading about bad customer service from them as well.

The bridges on the Strandbergs appear to be better than the ABM bridges on the Mayones.

Regarding Kiesel, I too have read horror stories about their customer service. I wouldn’t even consider buying one.

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Bummer that y’all heard Kiesel was bad. I lived in SoCal and was able to check out their showroom, tons of great guitars.

I might pick up a fanned fret / headless guitar if someone makes one (cough Ibanez) for cheaper. I bought their 5 string bass and it’s so awesome for the price, a guitar would be a no-brainer for me.

Hey, im not saying Keisell doent make great guitars or that you’ll have a bad experience with them… its just that I read a few instances online when things " didn’t go as planned " and people were treated badly.

People go on about how you can get a custom shop guitar from them, made in the USA for $1300… ok sure, but thats their basic guitar with all standard appointments, proprietary pups… nothing else!

Besides that, I can’t see the guitar “real time”, how will I know if I like it? Examples of the wood grains, tops, finishes, etc are all randomly displayed on the pages… you have no idea whats what? Lol, gimme a break. Im not waiting 3.5 months for a surprise in the mail.

Ok definitely gonna need to try one at some point. I love my Wizard necks but ever since I got a Solar guitar like a year ago I realized that a slightly chunkier neck makes barre chords not fatigue as quickly.

I had a Korean one with SD pickups. It was pretty cool and the neck is very unique but easy to adjust to.

They do command a “made in USA” price but the craftsmanship and materials are excellent. Also resale value is quite high.

I did find it a bit small for me; felt like I was playing a toy guitar if that makes any sense. The other thing that I’d say (and this may be just my experience) but I had some slight wrist pain when I went back to playing “normal” necks.

I don’t want to put anyone off from playing Strandbergs because I think they’re great guitars but would suggest trying before buying if possible or maybe getting second hand.

There is a good demand for them on the second hand market so no issues to sell on if it’s not your thing.

I’ve had a horrible experience with kiesal unfortunately thought it was just stories until I actually ordered one. Accidentally put a wrong option on when I ordered online. Emailed back when I got confirmation and called and they said no problem would fix it. Then they didn’t and said it was their policy not to and guitar was almost done so I was like whatever. Been about 8 weeks since then (25 total) still don’t have it. Maybe it’s the pandemic but I doubt it since their site still says 12-18 and their customer service is easily the worst I’ve ever experienced.

@NCASO Harley Benton are making headless guitars now. I know it’s not a Boden, but it might be worthwhile considering one, just to see if you like it.

Please note the first review from Mojojojoe, especially comments about the maintenance of the guitar. It is also my experience, as I have said, that these guitars are a nightmare to maintain. Having said that, I am a massive fan of the simplicity of fixed bridge guitars so I have a biased opinion.