Anyone tried the malmsteen picks?

Is it much different from the purple delrin 500 1.5mm?
From the picks I can see the bevels may be better polished.

Yeah, I have both the purple delrin’s and the Yngwie picks. Honestly I can’t tell the difference when playing, but the Yngwie picks look much cooler! Ferrari red baby!

“For clean, precise picking that sounds great, these picks are the only choice!” ~Yngwie Malmsteen


It amazes me that Yngwie doesn’t prefer a sharper point on his picks. But what do I know, right? :man_shrugging:

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My rig has evolved to kinda mirror his, a half stack and a pedal, not a zillion amps and cabs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think it’s a bright rig and I think with the neck pup, there’s that liquid flow to the tone that a pointy pick may not do, I’ll give it a shot this evening and see if I can capture some results, but knowing @Troy, he’ll have a video about is somewhere already :wink:

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I tried to A/B them a few mins ago.

Tone wise the red Jazz 3 adds upper mids and has a bass cut. The purple has more lower mids, I guess that means more bass and more even mellow tone.

As for the feel, the purple seems to have longer string contact and a smoother transition allowing you to really lean on the pick at the string while the red would catch in a bad way. I think with the pointy pick you’re first contact may be at a higher velocity as you can’t really push on the string like I can with the purple, this maybe a case of getting used to either.

Here’s a true story, I met an old friend who plays out 5 nights a week, a blues rock player, I noticed his guitar was sounding rather anemic and generally something was off, he had good gear, I asked him to try a purple after I noticed he’d been playing with a Jazz 3, I usually have a few in my wallet most times. The tone was better instantly, this was a nice fender strat into a blues Jr. He asked me for the rest of my picks, don’t think he ever went back to pointy picks after that.

It feels weird perhaps, but I think it’s a one way trip in my case, jazz 3 to purple, would never do it the other way around. Personally I also feel the pointy picks are less expressive for dynamics.

edit: fixed a few typos, I’d also like to add that there has to be stories or situations exactly the other way around, it could be down to how bright or dark ones rig is, etc.

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I found a purple Delrin (Dunlop) in my stash of picks. It’s a 2.0 mm rather than the 1.5. Nice pick. Different tone than my Jazz III and also a Pickboy 1.0 mm (which I’ve also messed with this week).

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I forgot about the 2 mm, haven’t seen them in a while. I’ve used the pickboys too in the past. I think most of us have tried just about everything out there.