Anyone try either of these 2 pedals? Hologram Chroma Console or Endorphines Ghost

I am a sucker for ambient kinda vibes, and this looks like it could really get a wide variety of sounds. i think they both appear like they are pretty streamlined, but could probably still be a bit taxing on the brain upon first getting one.

These are pretty steep in price, so I wouldn’t be suprised if no one has one. :smiley:

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I have some friends that are extreme pedal enthusiasts that will have both of those one available.

Myself, I have a Boss DD500, a Boss MD500 and an Eventide H9 on my main board. It covers all the ground I could ever need, my main reverb is a JHS 3 reverb pedal ( those are dirt cheap, and they sound just fantastic!

Anyways, I get the allure of the pretty box and the cool name, and the different looking thing but at the end of the day, how does it compare value-wise to Boss, Line 6, Strymon EHX or MXR? Boss’s stuff is built to be treated really, really poorly and STILL sound as good as anything out there…

I actually have a Strymon Riverside OD on my board and I find myself thinking it’s just “ok” when AB’d against my Boss OD200 or JHS OD preamp and I have a L6 HX stomp which does pretty much anything in a super small footprint- sounds great plus I have a Boss Space echo in it’s fx loop.

Anyways, I guess I can’t help you because I have zero desire for any more pedals besides fuzz. Oh yes, I loooove fuzz! Hmm might go pick up a JHS Bender today…

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Walrus Slo or JHS Octave Reverb are good for ambient vibes. Not too bank breaking either.

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