Anyone want to analyze this? It kind of boggles the mind!


I found this clip on YouTube recently:

Pretty crazy to think you can play at that speed with that technique…


Ok, when that started I just said ‘what the f***!?!?’ Really quite loud! I hope no one heard! I was expecting him to do flamenco style two finger picking (can’t remembered the technical name!) but this was unbelievable. Never seen anything like it!


It’s hard to hear how solid it is when the fierce attack of JP is still audibly the most prominent.


I’ve seen people using this technique before especially in Flamenco. But I’ve usually seen it being used for chord strumming. But it’s the first time I see it being to used to achieve face melting multi string ultra fast shredding. This is almost not human.


Reminds me of Glenn Delaune, who uses a clear thumbpick and picks pretty fast for only using this thumb:

I have no idea how these guys do it though!


There’s a guy called Chris Zoupa on YouTube who plays with the nail on his thumb instead of a using a thumbpick which you can see in the video below. I thought this was the weirdest thing before I saw the first video I posted which is even stranger…


These thumb only guys are on to something.


holy smokes! Does anyone else think it looks kinda creepy though? Like the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park or something?


I definitely share the unease sometimes! I love classical guitar but when I see long thumbnails on their picking hand I gag.


Here is another cool clip, the beginning of Rhode Island Shred by Guthrie Govan played using picado:

And Dweezil Zappa even left a couple of comments which is pretty cool.


This guy is honestly one of the most impressive players I have seen on Guitar in years. His technique and tone are amazing.


I have a similar technique with my right hand thumb and I can trace the genesis from when I was playing in a church band and dropped my pick and had to execute some arpeggios and the thumb had to fill the gap since I couldn’t bend down to pick it up without calling a lot of attention to myself.

It wasn’t very clean at first but serviceable but found myself doing it more and more.

Now I routinely use my right hand thumb for all kinds of things as part of my regular technique.

He’s definitely utilizing it to run fast scale patterns in a unique way. Nice!