Anyone with experience with ESP LTD guitars?

I am specifically looking at a Korean EC-1000, but any likes/dislikes with Korean or Indonesian LTDs in general I want to hear.

I have the Sir heady model with evertune - SH-7ET - don’t know if it’s korean or indonesian - but it’s the best guitar I’ve ever played full stop!

Ah, nice! I’ve been curious about those Evertune bridges ever since I saw Andy James use one.

It used to be that the higher end LTDs were made in Korea, and lower end Indonesia, but it seems to be a mix now - for instance, certain finishes of the EC1000 are Korean, others Indonesian. It should say on the back of the headstock where yours is from, if you’re curious.

AH - yes it’s in super light grey on the headstock (had to get my magnifier out to read it in the guitar dungeon of doom!) - mine is made in korea!

Evertune is freaking awesome btw - I don’t bend much tho - had the guitar for over 1yr and never ever tuned it - perfectly in tune - which is a massive thing for me - writing riffs e.t.c. being slightly out of tune ruins certain ideas.


That is awesome! Given that guitarist tend to spend half their time tuning and the other half playing an out of tune guitar…that’s just huge!

I’d definitely like to try one some time. My only concern is that it might mess up your technique on a non-Evertune guitar, since you’d cease being aware if you were unintentionally bending anything sharp (I think you can adjust them so you can bend a bit, however). But they’d be great for recording!

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You can set it up for no bending at all or the usual bending - u simply turn the tuner pegs until the string starts to change in pitch - it’s a tension zone system. I had it setup for no bending for about 1yr and this last week had a bash with some strings setup for bending. Felt super weird after not bending strings for a year hahah. But yeah it’s great for recording and ideas - knowing you can pick the guitar up and it’s in precisely in tune.

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If you look at my old videos, I used an EC-1000 most of the time:

Love the guitar, especially when I changed out the pickups to something that suits my style. Only reason I don’t play it as much is because the weight will mess with my shoulder on long sessions.

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Drunkenly found a photo of my guitar - best guitar ever - hope if u ever get one, you get the same quality! (sorry the delay took some shroons earlier :slight_smile: )

- it’s the “Sir Heady” modeland god-damn it that evertune is a lifesaver for lazy folk like myself :slight_smile:

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