Are you a follower of any guitarists on Patreon?

I’m always on the lookout for new players to check out on Patreon, so I’m wondering if any of you here are paying to follow any particular players Patreon?

The only one that I followed was that of #11 Music’s Patreon (I stopped following before Christmas). The account has loads of transcriptions and lessons, although it is split between the sax and guitar. Worth checking out if you want to see some very high quality transcriptions.

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Two I have considered (but not supported yet) are signals music studios and shredmaster scott. I like that they focus on making songwriting accessible

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Cool, I have watched Signals Music on Youtube before. I’m not familiar with Shredmaster Scott, but will have a wee look. :+1:

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I’ve considered following Angel Vivaldi, but mostly because he’s a bro and less for the content (though from what I’ve seen that’s probably excellent too - he’s a funny, light-hearted, passionately music loving dude).


I’ve been a patron of Brandon Ellis for the last two months. It’s been great.

He breaks down his own material, there’s some basic theory stuff in there and he has some lessons on specific “formulas” he created to work through complex picking patterns.

As a player I found a couple of the formula don’t suit my playing. (If it ain’t broke don’t fix it) but a couple of them, especially the most recent one has been a major breakthrough.

I’d done lessons with him previously and those were also very fruitful.

Good dude, phenomenal player.

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