Ascending economy picking feels weird


Sure spamming the forum tonight. That’s what you get when I’m home alone and had a couple of beers.
I’ve been working on my economy picking these last weeks. And I’ve noticed that when ascend it feels much more uncomfortable than when I descend. I recorded a quick clip. What am I missing? My timing is also a lot worse when I ascend.


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I could tell from the thumbnail that your downward slant wouldn’t be as pronounced as your upward. I think it gets there in the end, but at both speeds, it seems like you don’t come out of the gate in a downward slant and it kind of kicks in around the D string. I think if you exaggerate the angle just a tad so that the pick only moves within the supinated spectrum, it will mirror what works in the descent. It actually sounds good, but I get why it might not feel as good for you.

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