Ascending runs/patterns for dwpslanter


Hi all,

I am a downward pickslanter. Can anyone please share some cool dwps ascending patterns/runs.

Thanks alot!


do u economy pick? (for instance DUD,DUD on a 3nps scale etc)

that would make a huge difference in the type of runs that would work for you


Have you taken a look through the Cracking the Code site? We have tons of musical examples (at last count I think something like 2,000) in the seminars and interviews, available with membership. Probably some stuff in there that fits the bill. Feel free to share more detail on e.g. musical styles or any other specific things you’re looking for!

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Ben Eller has dropped a few choice DWPS runs both ascending and descending. Check out the weekend wankshop series he does on YouTube. 4 of the last 5 lessons have been alternating picking/even numbered notes on each string so it translates well to DWPS.

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