Audio interface latency and two-hand sync?

You certainly have it down to an exact science! What’s your plugin and setup in general?

Peavey Revalver 4. Though it’s not very popular.

I tried another apps like BIAS FX, but Revalver has one important feature I really like: beside all internal stuff (like amps and pedals) it allows you to put an external VST plugin in the rack. It allowed to me to test my self-written plugins, and another plugins I like (choruses, reverbs, shimmers, you name it). I even used Revalver 3 inside Revalver 4 )) (I just like one cabinet that is absent in later version)
Many times I used it just as a host to test different free plugins (LePou plugins are really worth to try).
Through the time I came up with 4 presets that I use. One for solo, one for jazzy things, one for metal, and one for blues. Oh, and I use it’s ‘tone matching’ to get an acoustic sound (which has really impressed me).

I remember seeing a study that was done a few years back that showed musicians adjust to a fairly substantial degree of latency quite quickly and it becomes subconscious.


I was talking to somebody playing in an orchestra and he said that they have huge latency just to hear other parts of the band (just think of the scale of the concert hall), but everybody gets used to it. Then it dawned on me: The conductor is a zero-latency (visual) click track :dizzy_face: (among other things).

So pretty much every musician without in-ear monitors will face huge latency in any live performance situation, and if they can’t deal with it, they’ll have issues.