Audio interface latency and two-hand sync?


Has anyone found that audio interfaces seem to de-sync their hands slightly? It’s something I’ve always wondered about but I can’t tell if it’s mental or not.


For me it’s more generally about tone. If the interface is working properly, usually the lag is negligible to my ears - or perhaps I adapt to it quickly. But if I’m playing thorugh a tone I don’t like, everything about my technique goes wrong!


Yes, there’s a delay, when going through your computer, and that’s what’s causing this. Depending on your setup it can be noticeable.

I have my axefx connected straight to my studio monitors, so I can track while recording over USB, for this reason.


I’m using a pretty affordable interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 1st Gen) and there is no lag at all. It feels the same as playing through an amp in that area.

Most of the time is a matter of Computing power that results in latency. Nowadays the audio interfaces can do the job fairly well.


The 2i2 (both versions AFAICT) have a ‘Direct monitor’ switch. In the ON position, this routes the signal both to your computer and straight to the connected monitors. It was added exactly to solve the problem with the round-trip delay.

I’m guessing that this is set to ON for you :slight_smile:


Yeah, I have an Apogee Duet and then the small JAM interface they make, too. I think for the JAM it’s 18ms delay and the Duet is 7 or so.

Right now I’ve been sticking with my THR10X for practice. There’s no delay on a solid state amp so it makes me feel better at least lol.