Ballad of Billy the kid lick

I remember seeing Troy play the fast pentatonic runs from the bridge on piano in one of the videos but I can’t find it anymore, would anyone be able to point me to it ?

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I think that’s here!

I may have thrown in more of this in one of the other chapters, I don’t remember. It’s just an aside, it wasn’t really intended as a piano lesson, so there’s no notation. But you can probably slow it down in the player and look at the patterns if you like.

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That’s the one, thanks @Troy!
I’ve been enjoying the occasional keyboard content

Btw I’m not sure about the ‘easiest thing in the world’ comment :smile:
It does take some work to get these runs as fluid and natural as you have them !
But indeed unlike the guitar it comes without roadblocks if one practices slowly.

Yes I think that’s the main thing. There’s not a piano equivalent of “stringhopping” that seems to sideline huge segments of the piano playing population. I’m sure at the conservatory level there are differences only they can hear! But if you just want to nail some cool pop lines, I would think the hit rate there would be pretty high for most “regular” folks.