Batushka - Yekteniya IV cover

Honestly, I bought an 8 string on impulse, just because one of the bands I like plays black metal on them. I never intended to play any djenty/prog-rocky things on this, only brutal, fast, tremolo picked melodies. Initially it was difficult to swich to 8 string monstrosity, I’ve had only one, generic 6 string previously.

I was struggling with reaching the tempo on the tremolo picked 4nps part at 1:37, some of you may even recall me creating whole two topics in this regard.

Now I think I managed to make it finally!

I’m asking for your input - what to do better next time (tone/mixing wise, but also if you spot any technique shortfalls please let me know too). Video quality may be a little off, as I had only a smartphone available.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold:


That was Great!
I like the guitar sound too. Like you said, video q. Makes it Hard to analyze some of The fast parts. It would be interesting to see you play these parts solo, without The bt.
Love that record btw!

Awwww, thanks mate.

The fact is that there is no backing track except for drums - all guitar I recorded myself.
Perhaps you mean isolated lead guitar?

Yes, that is what i meant haha. The way you did it is great from a musical plint of view though!

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