Beato - Malmsteen Interview - it's out!

Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:


This should be amazing!! Beato is really good at letting guests speak without interrupting and I’m curious what YJM is like now since the last time I heard him talk, he was telling some roadies that he “don’t like f****in’ donuts!”


I am so excited for this. Yngwie is a true virtuoso and deserves all the respect!

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I think Yngwie is starting to tell more as he gets older. I remember he used to be like “Im completeley sel taught…” ah yeah…ok…:slight_smile:

I saw him in a small club in Reading Pa this past Sept 20th. The crowd was small but it was intimate. I was standing at the bar ordering Yuengling lager and Yngwie was maybe 20 or 30 feet away? It was a cool gig. People were wearing earplugs but he wasnt that loud IMO. If you wear plugs you really miss out on his tone through the Marshalls IMO.

I’d love to see Rick interview Troy. I think he’d be truly fascinated by Troy’s findings. We know Rick digs technique, but like many of us pre-Troy…he doesn’t really understand it. He just knows some players pick really fast. He’s getting close to 4M subscribers, that would be such great exposure for CtT.

Sorry for the de-railing! lol! I’ll be eagerly anticipating the Rick/YJM interview also for all the reasons mentioned in the other posts here.


He was essentially a child prodigy auto didact. He figured out Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth’s styles and then proceeded to wring the blues out of them almost entirely. I think its this interview where he talks about how he figured out how to dub over Blackmore’s guitar parts on Made In Japan and would make copies to give out to friends and fool them. I know he talked about it in the Metal Evolution Power Metal episode.

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This is good interview, I think probably the best after the very first one pre alcatraz or around that era, it was a tape iirc.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here to have YouTube tell me to watch this teaser

I love how Rick cracks up at the notion Yngwie had no clue how he held his pick. As we know…this stuff really really matters because different postures and joint motions pair with different grips and either work well, or don’t. Interesting that Yngwie says “whatever” he ended up with had to do with the sound he was going for.


Looks like that interview went sideways quickly. :smiley: :roll_eyes:

Justify that answer however you want, but after seeing this I think I just don’t care to watch it.

Not sure what you mean. Have you seen other clips from the interview?

Sounds like one of those Dad’s, “ya i walked through 5 miles of snow to school wut of it.” only to look down and i actually teleported! i am GOD!

Oh man, can’t wait. when is it being posted?

I have found this in my own experience of playing, I’ve been so anal and over obsessive with picking and how I look since I started in 2013, but I had youtube showing me all these ways to play, and ways to pick, I got obsessed with doing it the “right” way or the way my hero’s did it, but I know from my experience in not having access to the internet untill my early 20’s, there is such a massive difference from being acually alone in your room experiencing whats acually around you and kind of being super focused in that by default, and having access to the internet that will tell you a 1000 different ways to be.

When I played football as a kid I messed up bad due to how many people were shouting at me what to do. It’s the guys who ignore all the noise and foucus on what they are doing who get a grip of what acually matters. I think the internet as much as I love it is one of the most distracting, interfering forces I’ve ever experienced. It’s educated me so much, yet fucked me up hard.

Makes me think of this Jason Becker lesson, Just Go. Mad flapping, nothings planned. I have no control over it.

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While we wait…


Lol Yngwie acually stepping back for once.

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Thats really beautiful son and dad I love it :purple_heart:

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Yes, it was rather sweet. His son seems very young.

They both look happy, it’s obvious they’re having a blast. That’s the side of Yngwie that doesn’t get talked about, check out this interview from 1984: it’s the full 85-minute version of the Jas Obrecht interview in Guitar Player, YJ comes across as intelligent and above all enthusiastic:


Thank you been looking for this, this was a great interview.

Need that father and son Black Star harmonies now.