Beginner advice

Hdey guys, I’m a former drummer and being playing guitar for 2 years. I always played pentatonic or 3nps scales downstroking the first note (sweeping for the next string on the 3nps scales). So I used to consider myself a USX player. After the etset @Troygrady68 suggests I found my picking when I do DSX isfaster ans cleaner and, as I twist my forehand, it feels more comfortable. Of course, It’s far from precise as I"ve been playing sicne day one with downstrokes first. Should leave USX ands focus on DSX as it seems to be more comfortable and faster?

Thanks for signing up! We can’t give you advice without seeing your technique. I recommend making a Technqiue Critique in your account on the platform and Tommo and I will happily take a look.

Perfect! Tks for the quick reply.