Being a jerk, 15 characters huh bla blaa blue

I want to apologize for being aggressive and pushy in my topic about Jason Becker, No doubt vary few even know what I’m on about but for the few who do, I’m sorry. I can be very impulsive and stubborn. I hope everyone is doing well and washing the two things we all touch a bit too much, our dicks n guitars. Stay clean guys.


Everybody disagrees over things every now and then, and sometimes it gets ugly. We’re all human after all. I wasn’t a part of the argument you’re referring to, but I’m sure it’s nothing to beat yourself up about.

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While I am not familiar with the Becker thread you referenced, it takes a big person to admit fault and apologize. I love this!



For some reason, this immediately came to my mind. We all have our faults :orange_heart:

I vaguely remember the thread, it was great drama, dont apologize :smiley: