Bell-like overtones/noise after lowering action

My guitar has EVO medium-jumbo frets, completely fresh strings (changed this morning), and I just set the action to 3/64th on the plain strings and 1/16th on the wound strings. When I palm mute on the low E and chug, I now hear this sort of feedback that’s almost as if I had clinked on a metallic bell with a metallic hammer. My chugs are now lost under this sea of extra noise, like a very metallic reverb.

I tried tying a rubber band around one of the springs to stop it from vibrating, but that did nothing. The problem attenuates a lot if I raise the action again. The overtones are there acoustically as well.

Any ideas of what this could be? Should I try those noiseless springs?

This is a Kiesel Aries, if that’s important at all.

Sounds like the strings may be barely touching the frets somewhere.

Check the neck relief. May need to loosen the truss rod a little.

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Try a process of elimination. Is it resonating behind the nut, between the nut and where you are fretting (unlikely), between the note you are fretting and the bridge or somewhere behind the bridge?

Try playing with an elastic band, hair tie or even a sock tied round those areas and see if that cures it. Then you’ll know the source.

My bet is the strings are ringing behind the nut. It could also be a slightly elevated fret that is catching the underside of the string since the neck relief changed.

Solved! Via the age old method of sock tied behind the nut.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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