Bending into above strings?

When I try to bend the high E string, I always end up having trouble with hitting the B string. It’s very hard to get “under” the B string as I bend the E string upward. I sometimes have this same issue on lower strings as well but it’s most evident (and most frustrating) when bending the E.

Am I missing something obvious that would make this easier? Should I use my pointer finger to “dig” under the B string as I bend the E up with middle/ring fingers?

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This might not help, but there’s a bit of an art to this.
You have to know how much pressure to apply, to bend the string in a way that doesn’t make the string below sound. Bending under the string below doesn’t seem the right way to do it I always thought.

I still have trouble after 30 years of playing on and off, especially if I’ve got low action, with higher action you’ve got room to go under the B string and bending is achievable without worrying about it. With low action though, it’s a subtle thing that you have to develop in your finger to have the control to make the bend in a controlled way I would say.


Hey, I am a bit confused by the question!

Why would you want to go “under” the other string? Usually the other strings get grabbed together with the one you are bending, like so: