Best clip on tuner?


please recommend me a good clip on tuner.

I previously had a Crescendo Zenstrobe…which i suppose was a piece of junk because it quit working after like a few weeks

Essentially I dont want 1000 features that will confuse me. i want something EASY to use. I tend to tune to D standard

any ideas? (probably ordering from amazon)

Thanks, JJ


I’ve been using this one for the past year. Super easy to use and inexpensive.


Basic, reliable, and affordable:

Peterson awesomeness in a clip-on (pricier):

Polyphonic for quick verification of all six strings:


+1 for the PolyTune clip. I don’t actually use the poly-tonal tuning feature that it trumpets, but it is rock-solid as a tuner and doesn’t seem to have the interference problems other clip-on tuners have when other instruments are playing while you’re trying to tune. I think I have four or five of these things scattered around my studio and a couple are clipped semi-permanently to the guitars I play the most often.

FWIW, it’s the clip-on tuner of choice for Steve Vai too. :wink:


I have a Snark clip-on I got free with a strings order from I used it once and it seems to work - if I can still find it and you’re in the continental US you’re welcome to it. I use a Peterson tuner when I’m home and in my studio room, and the Peterson Strobosoft app when I’m not.


thanks anyway but I just ordered the Mugig above AND a cheap Snark one lol. Both under $10

I cant do any recording until I get the intonation together on my RG340


I would recommend the Peterson StroboClip HD. As with the StroboPlusHD, it’s the best tuner on the market…easy to read and the most accurate. Any other tuner is a waste of money in my opinion. If you think it’s too much tuner for you, trust me when I say that as you progress as a player you will appreciate what the Peterson strobe tuners can do.