Best online metronome


here is what i want…is this available online? Essentially I want a metronome that will speed itself up. In other words start at a slow speed and do 4 bars or whatever and then increase by a few clicks and do 4 more bars etc

I have set this sort of thing up before using Reaper but it would be so much nicer to just have it a few clicks away.

Any ideas? Thanks, JJ

edit. I see this old one listed but that site isnt online anymore. i wonder if this metronome is somewhere else now? In any case this is the basic idea.

maybe some variation of these type of vids is good enough


I have looked for a good online metronome on the first three pages of Google, but none of them have what I want, which is:

  • The function you mention; increasing BPM every X bars.
  • High BPM resolution - not the old style where you could only increment by 4 BPM once you reached 100+ BPM.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Muting beats, e.g. muting beats 1 and 2 to train your awareness/internal tempo.

So I have bought two apps (for Android) that I have used for a year or so. The first one I used is called TimeGuru. It has all of the above, and it can randomly mute beats at a rate you specify (e.g. 50% means it will have a likelihood of 50% of not playing the sound of a beat). The app is great but the UI is not the best. I think there’s a free trial on it.
The second one I have bought is called Metronome Beats Pro. Great UI that has everything I want. It can’t do the random skipping of beats like the other one though, but I can live without that.

Sorry I can’t help you with an online metronome. I’ll be following this thread to see if someone found something good though!


On an iPhone the “Pro Metronome” app is quite interesting/flexible.


It’s not online or an app but TuxGuitar (it’s free) has a training mode where you can loop a set of measures and it will increase the tempo by a selected percentage each loop. For something like muting beats you could set a kick drum that only played on beats 3 or 4. Only thing missing from your list is tap tempo.


Pro Metronome is good, but it’s ugly as sin.

If you’re on iOS, Tempo by Frozen Ape is the best option.


Second for Tempo.

Or you could use Guitar Pro’s speed trainer.

That or search Progressive Metronome.


Huh. I used to use a metronome called YMetronome that did this - you could set it to increase a couple bpm every minute or two. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be online anymore - this is about all I found for a google search and the link is down.

EDIT - actually, this may still work:


In addition to Tempo on my phone, I just started using Groove Master Pro. Has some brilliant features and looks nice too. I feel like I’ve gotten my $10 worth in the two weeks I’ve had it.


If thats the one I recall using, what was great about it was that you could set ot to play for x amount of bars before increasing bpm and as it increased it would give you a count in for the new tempo. Also did odd time signatures… I miss that damn metronome…


It LOOKS like it’s still available for download.

I just use Superior Drummer’s standalone shell these days.